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Midwest Review of Books, January 2013:

" Eirelan is the award-winning debut novel of author Liam O'Shiel. A work of "future historical fiction", set thousands of years after an unknown catastrophe has leveled today's modern, technology-driven infrastructure, Eirelan tells of ordinary people fighting to defend their homes and their livelihoods. As the Province of the Twenty Clans prepares to celebrate its millennium, a select few realize that the Province will have to change if it is to survive. Steeped in Irish culture and tradition, yet weaving its own original tale populated with conflicted characters, Eirelan is a captivating epic saga of the quest to not only survive, but also build and protect livelihoods worth living. Highly recommended."

Writer's Digest First-Place Award, Genre Novel 2012 - March 2013 issue.

Welsh Country Magazine, July-Aug. 2012

"Don't be put off by the size ... it takes time to get to know people. By the time I got to the final great battles ... I was on the edge of my seat. A rattling good read."

Click below for cover image and full review:

Welsh Country Cover

Welsh Country Review

5.0 out of 5 stars, Great storytelling! By Rufusrun - Eirelan quickly absorbed me into its world of many characters. It is a great story. The reader begins to feel a part of this world and wants to know what will happen next. I am recommending it to my teen age son. Although long, it reads quickly and draws the reader in, somewhat like current reality shows, while learning about another world and culture and at the same time, thinking about what the future might bring.

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