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Enter into a familiar world that is unfamiliar, a friendly world that is threatening, a world where honor and sacrifice are expected of all. You will meet many wonderful people in this world, and some not so wonderful at all. Conor, Fethnaid, Oran, Liadan, Padraic, Mairin, Aideen, Uinseann, Bradaigh, Liadan -- they travel a road unlike ours. It is a dangerous road, yet one well worth exploring.

Dare to live for two months with men and women, old and young, fighters and writers, poets and ship captains, who cannot take for granted that anything they treasure will survive another year, let alone be the inheritance of their children. They dream of a life without fear and struggle. They long for a life filled with love and family and friendships instead of bloodshed and loss and desperate undertakings.

"Eirelan," the first of five books set in this time and place, tells the story of a two-month struggle for existence fought in the Province Year 999, also known as AD 3953. "In the Bleak Midwinter" continues the saga with the Millennial Celebration of PY 1000 and the opening of the war with the Norfrielanders.