Liam O'Shiel and the World of Eirelan - Company Message
Celtic world.pdf (PDF — 76 KB)
Province.pdf (PDF — 105 KB)

The maps above will give you a general idea of where the Province is located, the general path of the Rampart, and the geographic relationship among the various Gaelic-speaking allies. However, you can use any modern map or atlas to provide as much detail as you like. All of the place names used in Eirelan exist today and can be found on a map. In a few cases, the current Gaelic or Brythonic name is used in place of an English equivalent (Kernow for Cornwall) or a slight variation is used to suggest linguistic drift over the centuries (Eirelan an an amalgam of Ireland and Eire and Airlan).

I have engaged a fine artist to draw better maps for the next edition of the book. Those maps will also appear here soon.

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